We are more powerful together

We will never fully realize our potential for We The People or We The Planet until we have We The Economy.

Imagine if we had an economic system based entirely on fair pay, fair trade, environmental protections and equitable sharing of the commonwealth. An economy with greater financial security, freedom, safety, health and wellbeing.


We can do this. But WE starts with YOU.


Join us.

The World is Ready Now


93% of global consumers want to use brands that support social and/or environmental issues


76% refuse to buy a company’s products or services if it backs an issue contrary to their beliefs


86% of US consumers expect companies to act on social, environmental issues


92% of millennials plan to put their entire holdings into socially responsible investments

Sources: 93%, 76%, 86%, 92%

Three inter-related areas impact our lives and planet. 

3 integrated areas impact our lives and
Holding Plant

The youB® Mission

youB was conceived to empower people everywhere to collaborate in the creation of the world we want to live in; to be the change we know is needed. 


Companies change when the people running them put environmental and social impact on an equal footing with profits. So youB is dedicated to helping companies develop policies and practices that increasingly align with social and environmental stewardship.