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Frequently Asked Questions

Published content on the internet can be riddled with dire descriptions of what’s wrong, making it hard to find information on what’s working well. And most social media is geared to keeping you in an information (or misinformation) bubble, selling your personal data, and targeting you with ads.

youB is taking a different approach. We’re creating a community platform that’s focused exclusively on core environmental and social values. All content, in any medium, will strive to be informative, inspirational, and motivational so it can serve as a catalyst for our members who want to Be the Energy Behind What Matters™.

​Our mission is to support the millions of people worldwide who care deeply about people and the planet—living our values at home, at work, and everywhere in between. We’re a community supporting each other to be better, do better and make things better.

We invite you to share a personal story or one that describes an individual or organization having a real positive impact. Join in the energy behind a global social and environmental shift– find and share examples that will inform, inspire, and motivate other members.

Anyone age 16 and older in the youB community can submit content for consideration. youB reserves the right to accept or reject any work. We’re currently building a portfolio of accepted content. For an idea of what we’re looking for, and maybe some inspiration, check out the content in our online community.

If your creative ideas align with any of our environmental or social values, youB offers you a global community passionate about people and planet. We offer multiple ways for you to connect directly with other members and build visibility within our community.

All content submitted for publication must follow the youB Curated Content Guidelines. Briefly, a Creative Contributor must select any one to three values from the youB Environmental and Social Values. As stated above, the work must strive to be informative, inspirational, and motivational. Additional information can be found in our guidelines.

After a piece of content is submitted to youB, it is reviewed by our Managing Editors and the Editorial Team for quality and alignment with youB values. The work is either accepted without modifications, accepted contingent on modifications, or rejected.

At youB, we love to share. If you find a “Gem” of content, share it with the community! Previously published works can be reviewed, summarized, or reworked from the original content to conform to youB guidelines. These cultivated “Gems” are still subject to our normal content review process.

Anyone can read, listen, or view Creative Contributors’ work, without a membership requirement or paywall. Your work can be shared anywhere!

Published content will be searchable by value, so anyone interested in your topic can easily find your work. This is why it’s so important to identify one to three values when you submit your work. It will also be searchable by Creative Contributor names, titles, keywords, dates, and medium (prose, poetry, video, audio, imagery, and mixed media).

​youB will heavily promote Creative Contributor Works on other media beyond the youB platform. In addition, any member or visitor on the youB platform will be encouraged to share content widely, on other platforms, and to their friends within the youB community.​

Content Creators retain ownership of their content with royalty-free usage rights licensed to youB.

We invite you to share your story with the youB community. We’re currently accepting submissions in any medium that aim to inspire, inform, and motivate around social and environmental values.


Stories from your lived experience. Creative work that promotes respect, equality, and wellbeing for people and the planet. Submit your art, write an essay, or host a workshop! We are looking for contributions that are informative, inspirational, and motivational to fuel youB members to Be the Energy Behind What Matters. Now and into the future.

  • Really consider what you are most passionate about, have knowledge in, or a desire to learn more about? Look over our youB Values for inspiration. What speaks to you?
  • Try to include motivation: One or more specific actions people can take in their own lives to be the change. Consider specific, measurable goals. How often will they do this new action? Who benefits from it? 
  • Aim for 3-5 minutes to read, watch, or listen to your submission.
  • Each contribution must be original, not previously published or presented outside of youB. However, you can adapt or review content that is published elsewhere, as long as the original work is properly cited.
  • If your work builds off outside content or other youB content, it must be fully identified (author’s name, content title, date published, where published, hyperlink) or linked to the youB content.
  • Facts must include reference sources.  
  • Content must not endorse or critique specific political candidates, parties, or officials. It may address specific government policies. 
  • Content can be submitted as a series. However, each component will be evaluated on an individual basis and may be either accepted or declined.
  • Sexually explicit content is not allowed.
  • Content that encourages violence directed at self or others is not allowed.
  • Content cannot be used to promote any specific company, product, or service. However, you may recommend types of companies, products, or services. 
  • Work may be declined for significant grammatical, structural, or spelling errors. Remember to proofread your submission!

If you don’t have a complete piece or need more guidance, send us your idea. We love to workshop with you. What is your intention for this work? Who is it for? How do you want people to feel when they read, watch, or listen to your work? What do you hope they’ll do as a result? 

Please give us 7-10 days to review your completed work. If you’ve sent an idea, we’ll let you know if it sounds like a good fit, and give you feedback to further hone it. Please keep in mind that this does not guarantee the piece will be accepted once the full work is submitted. 

We’ll select works that are in alignment with our guidelines above. After careful review, youB reserves all rights to accept or reject any submission. If your work is accepted, we will let you know if there are any suggested changes. 

  • Written Word
    • Article: We love to learn! You can dig into solutions for ocean plastics, parenting that promotes forgiveness, plant-based recipes and medicine… any topic that resonates with you. 
    • Poem: Words can stir emotions that inspire and motivate. Take a fresh look at your neighborhood, your relationships. Submit your poetry today.
    • Narrative: What is your hobby or passion that celebrates wellbeing for yourself, others, or the planet? Do you make art from discarded items? Have you participated in a community event that forged great connections? Is there a moment from your childhood that ignited your love of nature? Tell your story!
  • Music
    • Playlist: Share the songs that lift you up. 
    • Original composition: Let your passion for people and the planet speak through your music.
    • Song Review: Has someone captured in their song the hope you have for the world? Tell us about it!
  • Photo: Nature images in macro or landscape. People interacting in pairs or groups. How do you see inspiration around you?
  • Video: Musings as you walk the dog. An event that motivates you to action. A montage of a year of gardening.
  • Visual: Do you make collages from bottle caps or plastics? Portraits that help people see their true beauty?