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youB Individual Membership Benefits
  Free TrialEngagedCommittedMaking an Impact
Curate your own youB Profile page
Join a HomeRound (your core youB community)
Discover where you most want to 'be the change'
Read, watch or listen to any published content
Message your connections
Interact with other members around content
Add goals and actions to your profile
Invite your friends and family to join
Connect and follow other youB members
Up to 15Up to 30Up to 100Up to 250
(and maybe more)
Join and Create youB Rounds (topic-focused groups)
Join or Create up to 1 Round
(in addition to HomeRound)
Join or Create up to 3 Rounds
(in addition to HomeRound)
Join or Create up to 5 Rounds
(in addition to HomeRound)
Publish your own content (articles, poems, photos, music, video, etc)
submit 1X per monthsubmit up to 3X per monthsubmit up to 5X per month
Membership Pricing
  Free TrialEngagedCommittedMaking an Impact

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