For Schools

A Benefit Program for Students, Faculty, Staff and their Schools Striving to be Environmentally and Socially Responsible (ESR)

Three reasons to bring youB into your school and throughout your campus

  1. It’s an easy and impactful way to demonstrate the school’s commitment to environmental and social responsibility.
  2. The youB platform is a healthier alternative to other social media platforms.
  3. The learning opportunities via the youB community are unlimited.
Students and teacher researching environmental and social responsibility

It’s easy to demonstrate the school’s commitment to environmental and social responsibility (ESR).

Today’s students (and, increasingly, a school’s faculty and staff, too) are rightfully fearful about the future for our planet and its inhabitants. This is a constant emotional distraction. They want to know their school is fully committed to being a catalyst for the wellbeing of people and all life.

By providing free membership to the youB platform for everyone in the school, the administration is able to fund low-cost access to a dynamic learning community entirely dedicated to individual, collective, and environmental wellbeing.


But the ultimate beneficiary is the school. Everyone is engaged to make the school better, more ESR operationally, and earning public recognition and validated certification as being youB® ESR APPROVED™. ​

youB Silver ESR Approved Badge

A healthier alternative to other social media platforms.

There’s a lot of concern regarding the negative impact of many social media platforms. Most are driven almost exclusively to be addictive and sell more ads without regard to their social impact. youB is different.

youB is supported by membership fees, so there’s no advertising. Upon joining, everyone agrees to our Code of Conduct so youB can maintain a community that is positive, hopeful, and helpful. We strive to be a place where all members feel safe, supported, and encouraged to connect, create, and collaborate.

As a learning community, youB offers students and teachers a world of opportunity.

Content:  Any youB member can submit content in any medium or combinations of mediums. Submissions go through a review process to be sure the content is striving to be informative, inspirational, and motivational. Teachers can have students research and produce content that qualifies for acceptance by youB reviewers. We also offer workshops for content creators.

Rounds:  youB Rounds are groups for members to create or join around a shared purpose relating to one or more of the youB ESR Values. Members of a Round can be invited from a preset group or from across the global youB community. youB Rounds are designed to be catalysts for learning, sharing, and impact, to foster meaningful interactions, connections, and collaboration. We intentionally limit Rounds to 12 members, setting them apart from other social media and professional networking groups. Rounds can be used to support specific learning or experiential objectives. The potential options are limitless.

Are you ready to take the next steps to bring youB into your organization?