A Benefit Program for Businesses and their Employees Striving to be Environmentally and Socially Responsible (ESR)

Three reasons to join youB

Strengthen your workplace culture to increase success in recruiting and retaining the best employees.
Stimulate company-wide collaboration between employees to practice environmental and social responsibility (ESR), inside and outside work.
Provide a pathway to public recognition as an environmentally and socially responsible company – youB® ESR CERTIFIED

Today's marketplace is demanding ESR

Offer your employees a workplace culture committed to environmental and social responsibility.

Today’s employees are looking for forward-thinking work environments. They want to work with companies that genuinely celebrate caring for our planet, diversity, creativity, and community involvement. Being an ESR Certified company can make you more successful in employee recruitment and retention, productivity, and workforce strength.

Today’s customers and clients are also often asking how committed businesses are to ESR. Since people are more likely to purchase products from purpose-driven companies, becoming an ESR company should be a priority for everyone.

Here's what youB membership provides

Employee engagement to make your company stronger

We offer each of your employees a personalized profile where they gain access to our global ESR community and learning tools. Everything on our platform is designed to inform, inspire and motivate–and help us all be more ESR. 

Your employees will love youB and love you for joining youB. They’ll find content and groups to satisfy their personal and work-related interests, and connect with others with similar interests from around the world. And every employee with a youB profile (even you) can publish content, propose workshops, support workplace ESR initiatives, and become a certified workplace ESR Guide.

ESR operational improvements

After your company becomes a member and is ready, you’ll have access to the youB ESR Organizational Assessment – a learning tool and guide to developing your company’s ESR operational practices and sustainable workplace culture. It’s adaptable for all industries and all sized companies, even yours. It’s designed to unite everyone around a core set of ESR values and motivate company-wide collaboration.


The youB ESR Organizational Assessment is designed for your workplace teams (even if remote) to easily identify gaps, set goals, make progress, upload proof, and bump your real-time score. Do it as often as resources allow, in as many workplace areas as you want. As a member, everyone on your team has access to a host of dynamic resources and tools to support active learning, teamwork, and continuous improvement.

When your company earns a passing score, it’s posted on your youB company profile page so everyone can see the company’s commitment to ESR. You’ll also earn youB® ESR CERTIFIED™ validated certification – demonstrated with a digital badge. You can add the badge to your website, marketing materials, product packaging, etc.

Make a change in the world.
Start with your company.

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Why you should join


A pathway for your company to earn youB® ESR CERTIFIED™ recognition with a real-time score you can increase at your own pace.

Tools and Motivation

Access to tools and motivation to drive continuous ESR improvements in your company, through the youB ESR Organizational Assessment and ESR Guide Program.


Acknowledgment as a youB ESR CERTIFIED company inside your organization, community, and industry.

Company-Wide Benefits

Free access for your team to content, workshops, discussions, dynamic group learning, and more.

Individual Memberships

Unique profiles for each of your employees and access to everything on the youB platform.


Open access to peer-to-peer and company-to-company sharing, mentoring, and learning.

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