For Nonprofits

A Community for Nonprofit Organizations with Missions Dedicated to Environmental or Social Values

Three Reasons to Join youB

  1. Access to potential volunteers and donations
  2. Access to a process designed to more fully align your operations with environmental and social values
  3. As a benefit for your staff and network of volunteers

The lifeblood for most nonprofits is volunteers and donations. You can find both in the youB community.

youB is a values-based global community of individuals, businesses, nonprofit organizations (NPOs), and local government agencies. Everything on our platform strives to inform, inspire, and motivate our members to ‘be the change’. Our member-created content and all of the functionality that fosters connection and learning, is intended to motivate our members to find opportunities to get directly involved and make a difference. This is where your NPO comes in.

If your organization has programs that are specifically aligned with one or more of our ESR Values, we invite you to become a youB member so we can connect our members directly with your organization, either to volunteer or make a donation.

As a member, your NPO will have its own profile page to convey its mission, goals, and impact. Everyone on your staff, and key volunteers, can have their own personal profile page. You can create content, offer workshops, and much more as a way to build visibility in our community.

Regardless of your NPO mission, you’ll want your operation to be as environmentally and socially responsible as possible– for your impact, your staff, volunteers, and the wider world.

So, you’ll want to look into the youB ESR Organizational Assessment. It’s a learning tool that also serves as an easy-to-follow pathway for developing your NPO’s environmental and social responsibility (ESR) practices and organizational culture. It can lead to earning validated certification – youB® ESR APPROVED™.  Your demonstrated commitment to ESR is awarded with a digital badge with a real-time score to motivate continuous improvement and support moving at your own pace. Add the badge to your website and communication materials so everyone knows.

youB ESR Certified Approved Silver Badge

youB is the new cool for staff and volunteer benefits, so make it free for them.

Everyone in your organization with an active youB profile (free, as part of our stakeholder benefit program), has access to everything within the platform to build an ESR world. Your people get to connect, learn and share with youB’s ever-expanding local and global community. They’ll enjoy a library of inspiring and motivating resources, workshops, peer mentoring, collaboration, and more.

They can also post content, host workshops, spearhead ESR initiatives, become a certified ESR guide, and earn credits for volunteering in the community!

Are you ready to take the next steps to bring youB into your organization?