About youB®

youB® is a community platform dedicated to wellbeing for people and planet—for individuals, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and local and state governments. youB is a safe space to share our stories, wherever we are in the world. Our platform is rich with content contributed by our members, personal and organizational profiles, community gatherings, workshops and more. It’s a place to discover like-minded people from anywhere in the world, or in your own town. Our mission is to inform, inspire and motivate everyone to Be the Energy Behind What Matters™ using our values-based approach to environmental and social responsibility (ESR).

youB for Business is our service offering for organizations. It includes an ESR Organizational Development Guide designed as an industry-agnostic assessment and learning tool. We’ve made it easier and more accessible for organizations of any size (including micro enterprises with fewer than 10 employees) to involve their entire team in the process of continuously strengthening (and benefiting from) their ESR workplace culture. youB has created the world’s first dynamic ESR Certification Process which is adaptable for all industries and all sized companies.

David Goldsmith, Founder and CEO

David Goldsmith is founder and CEO of youB, Inc. He’s a serial entrepreneur, life-long environmentalist and social activist. David began his career as a research ecologist at Brown University. He founded his first business at 29, creating a line of seashell jewelry which he sold to distributors throughout the US and Europe. In the 80s and 90s he developed a successful consulting practice, serving startups and large enterprises. Also in the ‘90s, David was trained and certified to develop and examine company quality management systems, and was lead examiner for the Rhode Island Quality Award, given each year by the governor. Prior to founding youB, he co-founded four natural-ingredient health products companies.

Team youB

David Goldsmith

youB founder and CEO, I'm a 71 year old former hippy, environmental education teacher who began studying edible and medicinal plants 50 years ago. Country boy, serial entrepreneur, meditator, yogi, positive, hopeful & helpful, guitar & mandolin player, dancer.

Sky Bowker

youB designer and social media manager, I like sketching, painting, and playing the ukulele. I have two dogs that I love immensely. I'm proud to be bisexual and polyamorous. I love to spend time in nature with a good book.

Keisha Butler-Thomas

youB digital media lead, passionate believer with a focus on DE&I, socioeconomic equality and social justice. Wife, dog mom, CEO, Professor, TV Personality, activist passionate about human rights and equality for all!

Tori Drew

youB operations management, music is my fuel, home is an 18th century dwelling, cohabitates with two cats, one dog, and a teenage kid. Living the Gen X dream.

Emily Levang

youB content curator

Rachel Lynch

youB content curator, Environmental Advocate, Freelance Writer, Film Fanatic, Nature Lover, Float Trip Planner, History Addict, Wife, and Mother of 3

Jenifer Oladipo

youB content curator, into art, science, tech and making stuff at home. I'd make nearly everything at home if I had the time.

Morgan Robinson

youB Managing Editor, mother of 3 amazing sons, visionary, community leader, traveler, artist, gardener, queer and proud, genius thrifter, frugal to the core