youB for Business

Be Well
and Do Good

youB makes it easier for your company to be more environmentally and socially responsible (ESR).

  • The youB ESR Assessment and Learning Tools makes it easy to engage your workforce, strengthen your ESR workplace, and earn recognition as a great place to work.
  • Everyone on your team gets free access (included in your membership).
  • youB supports your continuous ESR improvement by informing, inspiring and motivating your team with curated content, workshops, peer mentoring and business support groups.

ESR companies are more successful by every measure.

  • Healthier and more productive workforce
  • More success recruiting and retaining employees
  • Stronger brand loyalty, higher sales and margins

Be Recognized
and Rewarded

Be recognized as a company committed to ESR.

  • Earn your youB ESR-APPROVED™ score and certification.
  • Build connections with youB members via your youB Company Profile.
  • Earn youB Badges by offering company-created content, workshops, and mentoring.

Offer your products and services in the youB Marketplace (early 2023).

  • Enable your expanded profile with searchable products and services as soon as your company has a passing youB ESR-APPROVED™ score and certification.
  • Selling on the youB Marketplace is included in your membership. No additional fees.
  • Reach our continuously-growing community of members committed to ESR.
Improving Business Environmental and Social Responsibility

People want to work for companies that are environmentally and socially responsible (ESR).

With youB Workshops you’ll learn about an easy way to strengthen your ESR workplace and earn recognition as a great place to work.

Attend a Workshop

Are you ready to take the next steps to strengthen ESR in your workplace?

With the youB for Business Mini-Assessment, you will get a sneak peek at the full member-level Learning and Assessment Tool.

Mini ESR Assessment

The youB for Business Experience

"We used the youB for Business Rapid ESR Self-Assessment to develop quick insights into the gaps between our environmental and social values and actual practices. Really interesting!"
"We joined youB to be a part of its local and global communities of micro and small businesses committed to environmental and social responsibility."
"Our workforce and customers love that we joined youB and have committed our business to being as environmentally and socially responsible as possible."
"We already know that our commitment to ESR helps us strengthen our culture, attract and retain talent, and increase productivity, sales and net margin."
"We love the youB curated content, workshops and groups and that we can submit ideas for new content related to our products, services and industry."
"We’re looking forward to using the youB ESR Guide as a learning tool and to enable us to earn our youB ESR-APPROVED™ score and certification."

Be the energy behind what matters™

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