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purple thistle flowers against blue sky and trees, Earth Day 2023, connection to nature, gardening, climate action
Fabric collage of brown and orange mountains, blue sky and clouds
Two white wild horses in the mist from protected habitat in Eminence, Missouri. Direct connection to nature, healthy land.
People gathered in community for unique youB onboarding HomeRound, effective listening, respect, open-mindedness

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Healthy medicine, alternative natural healing, tinctures and medicinal plants for healthy body
Man planting a tree in soil during an environmental restoration volunteer event
How to Volunteer Locally for the Environment
People holding up various recyclable materials.
Is Your Company Looking in the Trash Bins? You Should!
Modern office space.
Step into Your Company’s Carbon Footprint
Piles of trash, while smoke stacks loom in the background.
The Facts: Climate Justice and Your Business

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youB® Value: Zero Waste
youB® Value: Zero Waste with Sam Aguilar
Healthy Water
youB® Value: Healthy Water with Emily Levang
youB® Value Healthy Body
youB® Value: Healthy Body with Morgan Robinson
Southern Energy Playlist
Southern Energy Playlist, Music Is the Remedy

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Founder's Corner

Founder's Corner with David Goldsmith from youB®
What makes a values based platform different?
Founder's Corner with David Goldsmith from youB®
How might I live my life based on my values?
youB® Founder's Corner with David Goldsmith
How do members connect with the youB® values?
Founder's Corner with David Goldsmith
Why did you start with values when you founded youB®?
Healthy mind meditation
Healthy Mind with David Goldsmith

David Goldsmith
CEO & Founder, youB

“This curated collection offers a deep dive into the ideas behind the youB values and mission.”