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Creatures and Beauty at Cannon Beach
Connecting with Creatures and Beauty at Cannon Beach
Feeling connected to nature standing on the rocky coast of Oregon. The healthy ocean habitat hosted countless...
Sharks’ tackle climate change by regulating oceanic carbon within their bodies
Sharks’ Tackle Climate Change by Regulating Oceanic Carbon
Sharks have a unique ability to not only process carbon within their bodies, but also regulate carbon...

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Fabric collage of brown and orange mountains, blue sky and clouds
Daydream Meditation for Clearing Your Mind
Two white wild horses in the mist from protected habitat in Eminence, Missouri. Direct connection to nature, healthy land.
Missouri's Beloved Wild Horses
People gathered in community for unique youB onboarding HomeRound, effective listening, respect, open-mindedness
Home Sweet HomeRound: youB's Unique Welcome
person on beach wheelchair, disability, ableism, allyship, equality, healthy us
What Does it Actually Mean to Have a Disability?
The Buy Nothing Project shows us how zero waste can build community through giving from abundance, and receiving with gratitude. How we can find wealth with neighbors instead of money.
Reduce, Reuse, Relate: How the Buy Nothing Project Works
Clay art for a community fundraiser. Direct connection to nature. Art therapy.
Sculpting a Connection to Nature and Community

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