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Home Sweet HomeRound: youB’s Unique Welcome

Morgan RobinsonMorgan Robinson
March 17, 2023
youB member since 2022
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Purpose: Introduction to the youB HomeRound onboarding style. A unique welcome to the youB platform, our values, and your community.
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You did it! You are officially a youB member. Now what?

We’ve created a unique space for you to get familiar with the youB platform and make connections right away. It’s sort of like homeroom in high school. A place to gather and get centered. You have a core community from the very beginning.

When you complete your youB profile, you will be invited to join a HomeRound that works with your schedule. You will get to meet weekly with your group. The first three weeks are led by a youB Community Guide, a member who loves sharing what they’ve learned about youB. Together, you will explore what the youB platform offers: community, content, inspiration, and motivation. Your HomeRound will dig into the youB Values and find what matters most to you.

We start off with the youB Values of Effective Listening and Communication, Open-Mindedness and Empathy, and Respect and Trust. We believe these are the pillars of great discourse. From here, your group will explore the rest of the values and how they relate to what motivates you to make positive change in the world.

All the youB Rounds are designed for a maximum of 12 members, to keep the things personal. After the introductory three weeks, your HomeRound becomes whatever your group decides it needs to be: your own agenda, your own meeting times. Maybe even in-person meet-ups. It’s your space to germinate ideas and connections.

Each HomeRound is named after something in the natural world. Our connection to nature runs deep. Using nature as inspiration offers nearly endless options to offer each group its own unique character!

We believe and hope that your HomeRound experience will be a catalyst for discovery. That it will help you identify other Rounds you want to join or create, with or without members from your HomeRound.

Welcome to youB. Welcome home.

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