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youB Rounds™: Powerful Circles for Change

Morgan RobinsonMorgan Robinson
December 22, 2022
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Purpose: Finding your spark and connecting to community with shared passions. Discussion groups with a purpose. This is youB Rounds.
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Can you recall times in your life when you’ve felt super excited about connecting with people? Your book club meeting sparks big, inspiring ideas. You discover classmates with shared passions and feel the thrill of creating something new together. You sit up late into the night with roommates planning how you’re going to change the world.

This is the energy we are bringing to youB Rounds! We are here to help you share your passion, build discussions, learn together, and take real action. What sparks you? What types of Rounds can you see yourself joining or creating? Here are some Round we envision. Ultimately, you choose how to center your Rounds. Choose your favorite youB value and get into it!

Maya lives in London. She loves to cook and wants to minimize her impact on the environment. So she starts a youB Round about earth-friendly recipes and shopping. Zach just graduated from culinary school in New York. He’s passionate about using locally grown ingredients. He joins Maya’s Earth-Friendly Eating Round and invites his youB connection, Amir, who he’s been chatting with about sustainable farming. Paige is a youB member who found Maya’s Round by searching for vegetarian recipes, since her top youB Value is Healthy Body. Together, they discover that local, organic chicken is a better option for the planet than traditionally grown soy products. As they share family recipes and learn what’s local to each of them, they get inspired to write and distribute a cookbook to guide people in different regions to make better food choices.

Sarah and Ebony connected on youB and discovered that they both have middle school children who have come out as trans. They start a youB Round to support each other and find other parents who can share their experience. Shane was reading an article on youB about the LGBTQIA+ experience of connecting with nature and searched for a Round on the subject. They found Sarah and Ebony’s Trans Parents Support Round and requested to join. With their weekly discussions, they attracted more members and came up with a guide for schools to help trans kids get access to affirming care that they need.

Jake lives in North Carolina and has been mountain climbing and hiking for 20 years. He is concerned about the trash and trail damage that he finds on his outings. He starts a youB Round to find other lovers of the outdoors to come up with a plan to teach people how to take better care of their local parks and trails. James lives in Oregon and shares the Direct Connection to Nature youB Value with Jake. He joins the Healthy Trails Round and invites his friend Jeremy in Vancouver to join. They come up with a guide that communities can use to organize volunteers to maintain trails.

Jorge runs a nonprofit animal shelter in Rhode Island. He wants his employees to feel as valuable as the animals they rescue. It is also very important to the whole team that they have as many sustainable practices in place as possible. Jorge signed his organization up for youB Business for non-profits. Everyone on the staff got their own youB profile and took the Organizational Assessment to let them know where they stand in their journey toward environmental and social responsibility. When they got their results, the team created a youB Round to brainstorm ideas to up their score toward their youB ESR APPROVED validated certification. Now they measure their score in real time to keep improving! Their proven dedication to ESR has increased donations to the shelter.

Sharon is the headmaster of a private school in New Jersey. She and her faculty and staff were looking for a way to measure their commitment to the school’s environmental and social justice. They chose to join youB for Schools so that they would have a structure that involved faculty and students alike to get an accurate picture of how they are doing. Quinn, the student government president, encouraged students to join the school’s youB Round where they inspired each other to tackle composting on campus. The school got a passing score and is now youB ESR APPROVED! They have a badge on their website and social media to engage new students as well as alumni.

Welcome to the heart of what we are about: youB Rounds. We cannot wait to connect with you!

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