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Fusing Your Mission & Values with Success

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December 29, 2022
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Purpose: Establish shared values and objectives so everyone knows what they are aiming for and shares a common purpose, making it easier to work through setbacks.
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By Catherine Campbell

Does your company have a mission statement and/or company values? It should. These tools help you, your employees, and your customers understand the purpose of your company and what it stands for within the context of the products and services it provides. If you don’t already have a vision, read about how to craft one here. You’ll learn how to incorporate ethics and purpose into your statements and see examples from well-known companies.

Once you have your mission statement and values in place, you’ll be surprised at how they can be a place of focus for your projects and services. When you start a group project, you can look to your values to ensure that each employees’ objectives align with the outcomes you design. If you’re looking for a good toolkit for helping to aid project design and implementation, Nesta, a non-profit innovation foundation based in the UK has a great one.  Download the toolkit here. It has over 20 templates to help your business with project design, implementation, and management, no matter your number of employees. For example, here are two small sections from larger templates that can be used to help your team articulate your project and be clear about responsibilities and budget. 


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Credit: Nesta


Mix and match these templates to help you brainstorm as a leader and better engage your team as you grow your business.  It will help keep you focused and in-line with your mission statement and company values you worked so hard to create.

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