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Young People Reinventing a More Equitable Society

Morgan RobinsonMorgan Robinson
February 18, 2020
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Purpose: The young people of America are not standing by to wait for things to get better, they're redefining economic success in our society
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The young people of America are not standing by to wait for things to get better. In 2020, Teen Vogue partnered with Omidyar Network to find passionate and informed young people to share their ideas for how they’d redefine economic success in our society.

The next generation of leaders deserves a platform for its ideas. [These] ideas have the potential to create real change in our society, economy, and democracy.

The three winners of the contest delivered real strategies:

Jasmine Rashid co-founded Real Money Moves, an educational nonprofit that won the fight for the majority of big banks to end financing of private prison and immigrant detention. Her book, The Financial Activist Playbook, is a guide to steps that we can take to make sure our money is spent and invested in support of racial justice.

Joseph Nalieth conceived Revolutionary Coffee House, a worker-owned coffee shop centered on fair wages and giving people a voice in the workplace. Businesses like this can aid in uplifting communities and empowering workers.

Gari De Ramos founded Radical in Progress, an educational website providing free social justice literature in response to the Black Lives Matter protests of 2020.

“Now, there’s no going back. With these injustices laid bare, an opportunity to create a new future has presented itself.”

All of these resources offer real-time, boots-on-the-ground energy to take action now.

How do they inspire you to be the energy behind what matters? Let us know! 👇🏽

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