Finding the Beauty in Everyday Humanity

Updated: Aug 29

Tom Turcich walked across the whole world to see the beauty in everyday humanity. He left his house a day before his 26th birthday, rescued a puppy along the way, and he and Savannah the Good became the 10th person and first dog to walk around the globe. Seven years and six continents later, they have returned home, forever changed.

“It is a testament to our good fortune that so flawed a creature has survived this long. And yet we have. Our home has made another lap and we're still here. Greedy and hateful in our worst moments, but social and loving creatures at our core.”

As a teenager, Turcich lost a childhood friend to a tragic accident. The event spurred him to do something big. His own mortality ringing in his ears, he set off in Annemarie’s name to find clarity. His journey is beautifully chronicled in arresting prose and breathtaking photography at

Tom lives in the town next to mine. I followed his journey on social media and was thrilled to shake his hand the day he returned. His story has made me think so much about navigating loss and coping with the overwhelming events that are a part of all our lives.

Get Inspired

I think about the quiet hours spent in contemplation. The awe of seeing new and beautiful things. The physical exertion that can take us out of our thoughts. In Tom’s words, “I have no doubt there will still be traveling, but the next seven years will be far less solitary than the previous seven. It's important to leave, but it's just as important to return. Love, growth, and life are all meant to be shared.”

Get Motivated

What can we do if we can’t walk the world? If we focus on the world around us, look at it as if for the first time, it can help us find perspective. We don’t have to cover miles and cross oceans to see intense beauty. Being fully present can be done close to home. Truly smell and taste a cup of coffee. Take a walk through your neighborhood to notice greenery or beautiful architecture. Write about what you see, take photos of everyday things. The small moments within the big picture can offer meditation and healing.

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