Become a Creative Contributor at youB®

We invite you to share your knowledge and wisdom with the youB community. We’re currently accepting submissions for writing, art, music, spoken word, and video that aims to inspire, inform, and motivate. 


Submission Guidelines


What We’re Looking For:


We are building a community that is centered around a core set of values that promote respect, equality, and wellbeing for the Earth and all living beings, including us humans. We are looking for creative contributions that will support our community members in living these values through learning, practice, connection, and action. Thus, we are looking for contributions that will give people the information they need to understand an issue or topic, the inspiration to feel moved, and the motivation to actually go out and make change, now and into the future. We select contributions for publication based on their artistic quality and alignment youB Values.


  • We ask that you begin by looking over our youB ESR Values, and reflect on which 1-3 of these you are most passionate about, have knowledge in, or desire to learn more about. Choose 1-3 values for your contribution. If you have any questions on this, feel free to reach out! 

  • As you create your work, strive to be informational, inspirational, and motivational. 

  • Consider who you want to inspire, and what you want them to be motivated to do after engaging with your work. Try to include one or more specific actions they can take in their own lives to be the change. As you consider motivation, think about specific, measurable requests: What are the goals? How often will they do this new action? Who benefits from this, including self and others? 

    • We understand that not every piece of work will always include all of these elements–a poem, for example, may be inspirational, but not necessarily informative. These are simply guidelines to aim for.

  • Aim for 3-5 minutes to read, watch, or listen to your submission.

  • Each contribution must be original, not previously published or presented outside of youB. However, you can adapt content you have previously published, as long as the original work is properly cited.

  • Possible sources include: interviews, research, personal experience, and reviews of other creator's content (music, art, book, etc).

  • If your work builds off of another creator’s content (including another youB Creative Contributor’s content), that referenced content must be specifically identified (author’s name, content title, date published, where published, hyperlink) or with a link to the original work on the youB platform.

  • Wherever facts are presented, sources of references must be included.  

  • Content must be non-partisan, not endorsing or critiquing specific political candidates, parties, or officials. It can address specific government policies. 

  • Content can be submitted as a series (i.e., part 1, 2, 3, etc.). However, each component will be evaluated on an individual basis and may be either accepted or declined.


What We’re Not Looking For: 

  • Sexually explicit content is not allowed.

  • Content that encourages violence directed at self or others is not allowed.

  • Content cannot be used to promote any specific company, product, or service. However, you may recommend types of companies, products, or services. One important exception to this rule is that if Creative Contributors offer experiential learning or workshops, either online or offline, that are directly tied to one or more of the youB Values in their submission, they may reference these experiences in their content, with links to the offerings in their Member Profile--provided that the experiences have been previously accepted for posting on the curated youB platform.

  • Work may be declined for significant grammatical, structural, or spelling errors. Remember to proofread your submission.


Submission and Editorial Review Process: 


We encourage you to start by sending us your idea. What is your intention for this work? Who is it for? How do you want people to feel when they read, watch, or listen to your work? What do you hope they’ll do as a result? 


You are also welcome to send us already-completed works, as long as they are aligned with our guidelines. 


Once your idea or completed work has been submitted, please give us 7-10 days to review your work. If you’ve sent an idea, we’ll let you know if it sounds like a good fit, and give you any feedback to further hone the idea. Please keep in mind that this does not guarantee the piece will be accepted once the full work is submitted. 


We’ll select quality works that are in alignment with our guidelines above. youB is a curated platform, not an open platform. After careful review, youB reserves all rights to accept or reject any submission. If your work is accepted, we will let you know if there are any suggested changes. 


The pay is $100 per accepted submission, for the first 50 accepted works. 


Submit your creative content now! 

Creative Contributor Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the vision for the youB curated content platform? 

Published content on the internet is riddled with dire descriptions of what’s wrong, making it hard to find information on what’s working well. And most social media is geared to keeping you in an information (or misinformation) bubble, selling your personal data and targeting you with ads. 

youB is taking a different approach. We’re creating a curated content platform that’s focused exclusively on core environmental and social values. All content, in any medium, will strive to be informative, inspirational, and motivational so it can serve as a catalyst for our members who want to Be The Change.

Our mission is to support the millions of people worldwide who want to be the energy behind what matters—living our values at home, at work, and everywhere in between. We’re a co-created community helping each other to be better, do better and make things better.


Who can submit content for consideration?

Everyone has something to share—a personal story or one that describes what an individual, municipality, nonprofit or company is doing to have a real positive impact. If you want to be the energy behind a global social and environmental shift, we invite you to join us as a Creative Contributor to find and share the examples that will inform, inspire, and motivate other members. 

Anyone can enroll as a Creative Contributor and then submit content for consideration. It’s not a job. You’re submitting as a paid freelancer and youB member. As a curated platform, youB reserves the right to accept or reject any Work. We’re currently building a portfolio of accepted content (“Works”) and these will begin to be published on our website in April 2022. 


Why submit your content to youB?


If the content you conceive and create is aligned with any of our environmental or social values, then youB offers you a global community eager for content grounded in these values. The creative exercise to identify the connection between three values can be a provocative catalyst for new content to inform, inspire and motivate. Our guidelines provide clear directions for you to create content that will be accepted. Our royalty program offers the potential for you to earn monthly income from each published submission for years to come. We’ll offer multiple ways for you to connect directly with our members and build visibility within our community.


What are the targeted demographics for the youB platform?


Although anyone can join youB, older Gen Zs (focused on ages 18-25) and Millennials (26-41) are our primary demographic for individual members. Among businesses, our primary focus is on solo practitioners, micro enterprises (2-9 employees), and small to midsize businesses (10-100 employees).

You are probably already well aware how passionate and committed Gen Zs and Millennials are regarding environmental and social change. Gen Zs love to learn from video content, especially if it's interactive. Millennials also prefer visual content, and are more likely to share visual content. 

And you probably also know (or from numerous published studies) that a significant majority of people worldwide would prefer to make their purchases from companies that are good for people and the planet. The problem is, where do you find these “good” companies? The youB Trading Center aims to solve this problem. Right now we’ve fine-tuning a process to validate the extent to which youB-member companies are committed to environmental and social responsibility.


How is submitted content accepted for publication?


All content submitted for publication must follow the youB Curated Content Guidelines. Briefly, a Creative Contributor must select any one to three values from the youB Environmental and Social Values. As stated above, the Work must strive to be informative, inspirational, and motivational. Additional information can be found in our guidelines.

After a piece of content (a “Work”) is submitted to youB, it is reviewed by our Managing Editors and the Editorial Team for quality and alignment with youB values. The Work is either accepted without modifications, accepted contingent on modifications, or rejected. 


Can previously published content be submitted for the youB platform?


Previously published Works will not be accepted for publication on the youB platform. This is because the Work may already be owned by another third-party publication. Still, it is possible for the original author to rework the original content to conform to youB guidelines. But this must be done to avoid plagiarism and is still subject to our normal content review process. 


Who owns content published on the youB platform?


Because youB is paying its Creative Contributor  for their Works, youB retains all rights. Nonetheless, Creative Contributors are strongly encouraged to share and repost their published Works if it includes a link back to the original posting on the youB platform. All Works on the youB platform will include a legal footer declaring the Work as “Copyright © youB, Inc. All rights reserved.”

Of course, authorship of each Work is attributed to the Creative Contributor.


How will youB members and visitors find submitted content on the youB platform?


youB content will be widely available to anyone on the internet. Anyone can read, listen, or view Creative Contributors’ Works, without a membership requirement or paywall. Your work can be shared anywhere! 

Published content will be searchable by value, so anyone interested in your topic can easily find your work. This is why it’s so important to identify one to three values when you submit your work. It will also be searchable by Creative Contributor names, titles, keywords, dates, and medium (prose, poetry, video, audio, imagery, and mixed media).

youB will heavily promote Creative Contributor Works on other media beyond the youB platform. In addition, any member or visitor on the youB platform will be encouraged to share Works widely across the internet, on other platforms, and to their friends within the youB platform community.


How are Creative Contributors compensated?

  1. Flat rate: During our launch phase, for the first one hundred accepted pieces,  youB will pay the Creative Contributor a one-time flat-rate payment of $100 upon acceptance of each Work, regardless of the length or medium. 

  2. Royalty: Our mission is to make it easier for people to be committed to social and environmental responsibility, and your work is a big part of that! Our royalty system is being designed to honor your contribution while simultaneously motivating people to take positive action. 


Over time, as additional features are rolled out, Creative Contributors will have the opportunity to earn royalty income, based on how many high ratings the content receives each month. Here is an outline of the process we are developing: 

  • Any published Works on youB can be rated by any youB member using a 5-point scale scoring the extent to which each piece is, separately, Informative, Inspirational, and Motivational.

  • Members are encouraged to rate a piece’s Informational and Inspirational quality immediately after they read/watch/listen to it.

  • If a member is motivated by the piece and they intend to follow the recommended actions, they can opt-in to receive notifications that will support them to report back on their progress. We will track that progress to generate the Motivational rating.  Programs and tools for members are designed to help them follow through and be supported in their actions.

  • Payments will be issued monthly based on new ratings during the previous month.

  • A published Work can continue to earn money from the Creative Contributor Payment Pool for as long as the Work is being viewed and rated positively by youB members. 


We will be in touch with you about this process as it develops in mid-2022. 


Where does the money come from to pay Creative Contributors?


Because there’s no advertising on youB, the source for our compensation model for youB Creative Contributors is different. Once youB is fully launched (mid-2022), all youB income will come from our membership fees. We’re a co-created community driven by our shared vision of a world where people and the environment come before profits. Our compensation model has the potential to produce income for our Creative Contributors that could rival any other platform. 


As our global membership community grows, the available income for our Creative Contributors becomes more significant. Any piece of content has the potential to earn monthly income for years to come.