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We’re building the foundation for a values-based Trading Center dedicated to environmental and social responsibility (ESR).  Our focus is on micro enterprises (0-9 employees) and small to midsize businesses (10 to 100 employees) across all sectors. But there’s a catch.

Business Presentation

The youB Trading Center is exclusively for companies that have demonstrated their commitment to ESR and continuous improvement. Our ESR Guide and Self-Assessment (coming soon) will provide an easy way for companies to qualify and quantify their commitment. 

Local Bakery

Any youB member—from anywhere in the world—that is the original producer of products or services could qualify to be searchable within the youB Trading Center. This is for makers and manufacturers, individuals in the gig economy, local retailers, and service providers operating on the global stage.

Arts & Crafts

Did you know that 78% of all businesses in the US have 9 or fewer employees? Most of these have no employees and 98% of all businesses have less than 100 employees? It’s true. So, the youB Community has a great opportunity to make a huge, shared impact as more and more micro and small businesses demonstrate their active and measurable commitment to environmental and social responsibility. 

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