Inventing a Home Plastics Recycling Machine

Round Mission

Healthy Me


Who are they:

Bobelo’s founder noticed plastic bottles littering a beautiful mountain trail and decided to act by creating a more sustainable drink without sacrificing the taste.

What they offer:

Beverages with environmentally friendly packaging and drinks that are flavorful, bubbly, healthy, and hydrating.


USA/United States & Canada

Round Goals

Build an understanding of current plastics recycling technologies, especially micro-scale options
Develop and explore potential design concepts
Reach out and broaden the Round's pool of interested parties, including others anywhere in the world also working on this need (Maybe even foster creation of a network of youB Rounds all working on this project, sharing info to accelerate progress)
Agree on most feasible options and explore collaborations to develop prototypes
Secure funding for prototype production
Field test prototypes, refine, repeat
Secure funding for initial production

Round Info

  • Created: December 21, 2022
  • Members: 8/12
  • Meeting Frequency: Weekly
  • Meeting Type: Virtual
  • Language: English

Round Members

David Goldsmith
David Goldsmith
Creator · Member since 12/21/22
Tori Drew
Tori Drew
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Morgan Robinson
Morgan Robinson
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Ferhat Erdoğan
Ferhat Erdoğan
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