YouB Mission

Our mission is to create a global community that integrates our actions and transactions with who we are and what we want for the world.

Do you work for the economy, or does the economy work for you? 

In a world where 1% own 45% of the world's wealth, most people can agree that they work for the economy and the economy doesn’t always work for them. We work to make others rich. And what has this done to our world? The rich get richer as the planet careens towards destruction, more people go hungry, and riches buy more power and control.

If you're in the middle class you may feel financially comfortable, but hopefully still deeply concerned about the status quo: that most companies are focused solely on profits, at the expense of people and planet.

Companies change when the people running them put environmental and social impact on an equal footing with profits. So youB is dedicated to helping companies develop policies and practices that increasingly align with social and environmental stewardship.

Protest marches only go so far. But we can all have an impact every day with our transactions. We can be sure we’re buying from companies that consistently practice good environmental stewardship, treat their workers with dignity, and support good works in their communities. Money talks. And collectively, We The People are the consumers and workers that can change the global economic system. 

youB® Empowered  

youB (pronounced ‘you-be’), based in Rhode Island (USA), is conceived as a global community where members collaborate in the creation of the world we want to live in; to be the change we know is needed. We're developing economic models to empower and care for youB members and the planet, are unifying and regenerative. 


youB is building an economic, educational and societal network dedicated to sustainable financial and ecological security, personal wellbeing, community health and cohesion. 


  • Everyone is recognized as both a student and a teacher; receiver and giver.

  • We value peace, collaboration, learning and creativity. 

  • To foster peace everyday, we strive to treat others as we want to be treated, to be fair, honest, empathic, forgiving and helpful. 

  • To increase wellbeing, we strive to bring out the best in ourselves and others, be as healthy as we can be, listen, learn, and make things better for ourselves and others. 

  • We strive to minimize our direct and indirect disruption of communities and ecosystems that support life.

Join us!