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A Values-Based Content Creator Network with a Built-In Audience 

Sustainability content is often seen as a niche media category when it should be viewed as critical to our livelihood and future. The youB Content Creator Network is home to subject-matter experts and informed individuals in any area of sustainability and features a targeted membership base so your content gets seen, shared, discussed, rated, and raved about.

You have something to say.

Say it with youB.

youB  is currently building a platform to support a global resource of curated content dedicated to environmental and social responsibility. 



Who is eligible to submit?

Sustainability professionals in relevant industries, academia, research, or students, teachers, journalists, artists and individuals are invited to submit their work. youB looks for those with advanced experience with or knowledge within our social and environmental values and who have the passion and creativity to create and share original content. 

By members, for members

We are supported by our members, not advertisers. youB places its focus on a content’s impact, above all else.

Co-created content

All content is rated by youB members. Creators with high ratings will have an opportunity to be reviewers of other creators’ content submissions, thereby maintaining a high standard of quality and respect.

A highly-curated experience with a built-in audience

Content submitters with expertise in any area of sustainability will have a platform entirely dedicated to sustainability, thereby reaching a dedicated audience.

High-integrity platform worthy of your work

All content must strive to inform, inspire and motivate and be in alignment with the youB values categories.  

Dedicated submission and review process

The platform will host curated content only, rather than an open, anything goes media platform. 

Freedom of expression

Content will not be limited to text but can include any media, thus expanding the range for impactful content.

Fair compensation

The compensation plan for creators will be based on member ratings of information and inspiration quality, in addition to motivational impact for any content they interact with.

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Your Future Peers


Jennifer Oladipo

Writes and Works at the Intersections of Culture and Technology

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David Philip Goldsmith

youB Founder


Sarah Yamanaka

Writes about Indigenous Cultural Practices of Hawai‘i’s Kanaka Maoli 


Alea Laidlaw

Science Communication,  Environmental Science and Public Health 

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Content submitters must be active youB members in good standing and also enrolled as Content Creators. There is no charge for content submissions.



Upon submitting your content, a youB internal review process will initiate. Status updates will be posted to your youB account homepage. 



All content on youB has a dedicated URL, and content shared will include a link back to the original piece. youB will actively push selected content out to other social media sites as part of its outreach.

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Get Paid

Financial compensation is issued monthly and based on the youB Rating Profile. Submitted content can continue to earn money for as long as the content is available and receives unique views and reviews.

How It Works


Benefits for Content Creators

  • Gain visibility and increase your following.


  • Receive a scoring rubric and quality feedback on all submitted content.


  • Gain the opportunity to become a trained youB reviewer.

  • Increased submission opportunities with our multi-format platform: text, voice, video, and more.

  • Make valuable connections within the youB community.


  • Forge collaborations with fellow creators and subject-matter experts.



Environmental and Social Responsibility